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Senior couple doing wood work together last they discuss how to maximize their social security benefits.
Original Medicare

Social Security Maximization

Once you retire, one of your primary sources of income will likely be Social Security retirement benefits. If you are a U.S. citizen and have

Happy senior couple enjoying fall weather sitting on park bench taking a picture and discussing when their medicare will start.
Medicare Advantage

When Does Medicare Start?

As a general rule, Medicare starts when people turn 65. If you’re receiving Social Security benefits, you will be enrolled in the program automatically. Otherwise,

Happy senior knowing he has reached the age of full retirement.
Medicare Advantage

What is “Full Retirement Age”?

There can be quite a bit of confusion about the age at which you are eligible to retire. That confusion stems from differences on when

ABCD yellow alphabet letters describing What is Medicare
Original Medicare

What Is Medicare? Learn the ABCDs

What Is Medicare – If you are nearing your 65th birthday, Medicare might be on your mind. Understanding the basics of Medicare will go a

Portrait of a man in a swimming pool happy with his Medigap Plan G

Medigap Plan G

The Medicare landscape changes from year to year. Usually, these changes are relatively minor; the Part B premium increases each year, as do the Part

Senior woman upset thinking about the bad parts of Medicare Advantage.
Medicare Advantage

Why Is Medicare Advantage Bad?

As you prepare to enter Medicare, you’ll doubtless encounter all kinds of advertising, solicitation, and marketing. You may also ask people their opinion as to

The Medicare Help Desk


e.g., “Can I switch Medicare plans?” “Do I need a referral?” “Can I choose my own Doctors?” Brief look at Medicare We routinely speak to seniors who are either now or soon eligible for Medicare. Many are confused