It really depends on each person’s individual situation.  Many folks today are working longer and are delaying their entry into Medicare since they have creditable employer health coverage.  However, even if someone is working longer, it is still good to evaluate their Medicare options and compare it’s costs and benefits to their current coverage.  In most cases, Medicare combined with a Supplement will offer more comprehensive coverage than the employer coverage.  Give us a call and let us help determine the best solution for you.

Yes and No.  According to Social Security, you must have worked at least 40 quarters (roughly 10 years) to be eligible for FREE Part A hospital coverage.  Part B is your medical coverage and has a modest monthly premium.  Most folks have their Part B premium deducted from their monthly Social Security check.

Typically, Medicare does not provide benefits for these services although there are various stand alone plans that do cover these benefits for a low monthly premium.

Nothing! Our service is completely free as we are compensated by the insurance carrier if you choose do to business with us.  So what are you waiting for, give us a call.

Electronic applications are the industry standard now and business can be submitted quickly, securely and directly through the insurance carrier portals.  Traditional paper applications are rarely used in today’s digital world.

Yes!  Our agency is licensed and insured with $1 Million of Errors & Omission coverage in 36 states.  A list of all the states and our license numbers are listed below.

List of Active State Insurance Licenses