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Medicare Advantage

What are Medicare Advantage PFFS Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans are another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA

Happy New year 2022 celebration with the Best Medicare Supplement Plan..
Medicare Supplement Plans

The 3 Best Medicare Supplements in 2022

Best Medicare Supplements in 2022 – Transitioning into the federal Medicare program in 2022? You probably want to know what your best options for healthcare

A Medicare Agent that can not pay his bills.
Original Medicare

Medicare May Not Pay Your Bills

Caution Traveling Outside of the U.S. As an agent or broker, you should know that Medicare Coverage Outside the U.S. is limited. In most cases,

Senior man discussing the Medigap plans available.
Medicare Supplements

How Many Medigap Plans Are Available?

How Many Medigap Plans Are Available – How many Medigap plans are available? You may be wondering just that if you are nearing the age

Portrait of a senior woman at the dental office going over her Medicare Supplements and Dental Coverage
Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplements and Dental Coverage

Original Medicare covers many things, but it does not cover routine dental services. Routine services include things like cleanings, fillings, root canal treatments, extractions, crowns,

Happy senior couple in RV discussing what Medicare Plan E is.
Medicare Supplements

What is Medicare Plan E?

A Medicare supplement is an insurance policy that helps pay for health care costs not covered by Original Medicare Part A and Part B. These

Senior woman upset thinking about the bad parts of Medicare Advantage.
Medicare Advantage

Why Is Medicare Advantage Bad?

As you prepare to enter Medicare, you’ll doubtless encounter all kinds of advertising, solicitation, and marketing. You may also ask people their opinion as to

Happy senior man enjoying his coffee as he looks over his Medicare Part G.
Medicare Supplements

What Is Medicare Part G?

We need to discuss a common mistake in the language of Medicare: “Parts” vs. “Plans.” While very similar, the two words mean very different things.